Your child is texting you…


We have all learned to reduce our writing to the bare minimum to effectively communicate through txt msging. Some of these messages are so reduced we need a glossary to figure out what the other person has written.  Some have made their way into normal lingo (ex. Lol, omg), but others are a bit more obscure.  Here are a few things I think your young child would send along via SMS:

IMOK = I am O.K. 

My tantrum was simply because I did not get what I want.  

IDNTH8U = I don’t hate you.

I just say it for the effect.  When I say it you somehow forget what we are doing, tell me how much you love me and ask, “why would you ever say that?”  Sometimes, when you don’t do this, you say, “OK, I’m done with you” and walk away…which is what I wanted you to do in the first place. 

IMTRD = I’m tired. 

You can’t tell this because I am acting possessed, running around and screaming, but think about what we have done today…get me to a quiet place and let me sleep.

IDK = I DO know.

I just don’t want to tell you and really would rather not talk about this at all. 

IWTO = I want time out. 

This follows your question, “do you want to go to time out?” REALLY? Do I have a choice?  Why are you even asking me in the first place?  I’m 4 years old!  Is there really a right answer to this?

OMG = Ouch, my gut. 

I feel horrible today.  How do you act when you have stomach aches and poop in your pants?  Thought so, ease up on me today. 

ICDI = I can do it. 

I really could probably do it if you took the time to teach me and let me do it.  I mean, do I just automatically learn this stuff, or does it take you being tired enough of doing it to finally teach me?  Don’t wait.  I can probably do this now.

AMA = Acting my age. 

This is not going to last forever.  My behavior problem today is not pathological.  Pay attention, but relax.

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