It depends…


I get a lot of questions from parents to which I wish I could give them a straight answer, but in many cases, the only thing I can do is ask more questions and say, “it depends.”  So here goes the top 10 (in no particular order): It depends on

… if your “quality time” has actual quality

… if your “time in” is more fun than your “time out”

…if your kid would rather see you mad than not at all

…if your son sees you more when he gets out of bed than he does when he is in bed

… how loud your “inside voice” is

…how early you get up in the morning and how late you go to bed at night

…how much you are trying to do at once (all of which crumbles when your daughter screams at you)

…how angry you are with your husband / how happy you are with your wife

…how much you want to make it work

…how much you believe you are doing the right thing.


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