Thought of the day – 4/10/2012

For some time now, on the Facebook page, I have been posting “thoughts of the day.” These are quick reminders, thoughts, inspirations, and “to-dos” for a variety of parenting situations. Given that some might not get to the Facebook page (you really should…a lot of cool stuff going on there), I am going to start posting them here.  For those who subscribe to the website, you’ll get a quick note in your email or reader (if you dont subscribe, you really should…enter your email address on the right column of the webpage and join in). Thanks again for joining the fun.

Thought of the day 4/10/2012 – 


So much of how we behave is about momentum. What way is your behavioral momentum going? How about your kid’s behavioral momentum? Can you change it? Yep…in both directions, so pay attention and use it if you can.

Photo by Clarkston SCAMP 

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