Thought of the day – 4/23/12

Let’s face it….

Your kids’ behavior depends, in large part, on how you teach it. How you mold it. Yes, there is school, friends and others around, but parents are ultimately in control of most things that do, or can, affect behavior changes.


Sitting back and wishing your kid would behave differently, even if it is only under specific circumstances does nothing to improve or change the behavior.

In fact, it could make it worse if you continue to allow the circumstances and behavior to continue as they are.

If you are honestly concerned and truly cant figure out why a behavior happens or what you can do to make it better, let me (or another professional) know. But have you taken a good, honest look at it: when it is most likely to occur or when it is least likely to occur? Can you make it happen? How?  If you can answer those questions, you might be getting closer to a solution.

The bottom line:

Your child’s behavior will change when yours does. Change is hard. So is everything else worth doing.

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