The day I lost the “Parent of the Year” award


January 1, 2013 – The day I lose “Parent of the Year” award – and it will be OK.

I will tell my son from across the room to clean up a toy as he is walking away, not likely listening to me. Another request ignored…

I will be too tired to get up from the sofa and follow through on my earlier request for my son to “clean that up.” We’ll let that one slide.

I will tell my daughter “5 more minutes,” but will lose track of time and, next thing I know, an hour will pass and she will still be playing her new electronic gizmo in her bed and NOT sleeping. I’ll pay for that tomorrow.

I will get frustrated at some point, maybe a few times, when the “potty words” come out…or maybe I will shield my laughter as that particular potty word is actually pretty damned funny.

I will slip a potty word myself when I trip over the toy my son left earlier when I did not follow through with my request to him to pick it up.

I will get frustrated again because my foot will hurt. I might direct that frustration at my son, although it truly was my fault for not getting off the sofa in the first place.

I will put too much on the plate for the kids at dinner, forgetting that “clean plate club” is the only way to dessert at our house. This will be a set up for a no dessert night or a bending of the rules.

Not thinking quickly enough, I will wait for the whining to occur at the table to then tell them, “no, I’m sorry, that is a lot of food. You can just eat 3 of those and get dessert.” We will leave the dinner table, whining reinforced but dessert “earned.”

I will read bedtime stories, because I like to read bedtime stories, and our son is becoming a pretty good reader himself. Maybe I will make a late comeback for “most improved.”

Bedtime will be later than usual, or than intended…

and this will ALL be OK. 

You see, as long as you stay informed, aware, and on top of things, you will be fine and so will your kids. Pay attention to what is going on. The fact that you know the mistakes you are making is important.

Perfection is a word that does not exist in the world of parenting. Consistency is a goal, but is usually the “moon” we shoot for as we land “amongst the stars.”

So, your goal for the year?

Pay attention, stay in formed and keep the “BehaviorBandAids” close at hand.

Happy New Year to everyone…thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you!

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